Next-level medicine with ease – powered by moss.

Eleva is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies and unlocking difficult-to-produce biologics based on a transformative manufacturing platform.

The company’s innovative drug development activities currently focus on complement disorders and enzyme replacement therapies.

Leadership team

Eleva’s management is driven by making unprecedented and much-needed therapies happen. We harness the outstanding capabilities of our moss-based platform to create candidates no one else can and advance them into clinical development.

  • Björn Cochlovius, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
    Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
  • Dr. Andreas Schaaf, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer & Managing Director
  • Dr. Andreas Busch
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Dr. Henrik Luessen
    Chief Business Officer (external)
  • Danielle Püschel
    Chief Financial Officer

The ability to manufacture biologics effectively and at scale has become a crucial success factor in the pharmaceutical industry – and its importance will only grow. Novel expression strategies can also provide access to previously uncharted biologics, improve crucial drug properties, and deliver not just ‘more’ but a better product in the first place.

Eleva is uniquely positioned in these markets with our proprietary moss-based manufacturing platform, which has the potential to unlock difficult-to-produce biological therapies.

Portrait Björn Cochlovius

PD Dr. Björn Cochlovius,
Chief Executive Officer

“Eleva generates value by unlocking and developing unique therapies. The ability to discover and manufacture innovative biologics will only grow in importance in our industry.”

We substantiate this claim by developing a portfolio of therapeutic candidates independently into clinical development and attract partners for de novo projects. Factor H (CPV-104), our recombinant version of human complement Factor H, is expected to enter clinical studies in its lead indication C3 Glomerulopathy (C3G) in H1 2025. Our recombinant version of a-galactosidase aGal (RPV-001) has already delivered promising initial clinical data in Fabry disease.

All programs are sourced from Eleva’s transformative moss-based expression system, which allows lab-to-GMP-scale manufacturing of challenging proteins with refined and optimized product characteristics. We believe, there are many opportunities in our industry, that would benefit from a synergistic expression strategy and platform right from the start and throughout the entire product development roadmap.

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