Eleva’s moss-based expression system succeeds where conventional expression systems fail.

It offers unprecedented flexibility and robustness and delivers biologics with unique product profiles.

Based on its platform, Eleva has developed two proprietary therapeutic candidates into clinical and late-preclinical development stage.

Each biological molecule is unique. The way we produce them alters their properties and capabilities. Choosing the best expression platform right at the beginning can turn a biological molecule into a safer and more effective therapy, unlock unique modes of action, or enable a commercially viable product in the first place.

Eleva has pioneered the development of a novel, plant-based cell line, based on a highly evolved organism – Bryophyta, more commonly known as moss. We designed our platform to avoid some of the bottlenecks and risk factors that mammalian cells have and unlock desirable product characteristics. Today, our solution has evolved to a pre-commercial scale with GMP production capacity of up to 2,000 liters at our and our partners’ premises.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, Ph.D.,
Chief Scientific Officer & Managing Director

“Eleva’s expression technology is transformative, but non-disruptive. It neatly fits into the existing manufacturing infrastructure of pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs.”

Eleva’s expression technology is transformative, but non-disruptive. Our moss-based, GMP-compliant expression process is designed as a suspension cell culture process suited for standard fermenter equipment – no molecular farming needed, just add some light. It neatly fits into the existing manufacturing infrastructure of pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs. Initial relationships are being formed to secure commercial-scale manufacturing capacity for product candidates based on our platform in all major pharmaceutical markets.

Overall, we are contributing to a more robust manufacturing ecosystem for the industry unlocking innovative and potentially overlooked product candidates along the way. Eleva continues to scout for promising compounds beyond its current pipeline and is open for alliances to initiate partnered discovery and development projects.

  • Suspension culture of plant cells under phototrophic conditions

    Niederkrüger H, Dabrowska-Schlepp P, Schaaf A

  • Real-time VCD monitoring of moss for therapeutic protein production

    Koch J, Müller M, Niederkrüger H

  • Single‐Use Processing as a Safe and Convenient Way to Develop and Manufacture Moss‐Derived Biopharmaceuticals

    Niederkrüger H, Busch A, Dabrowska-Schlepp P, Krieghoff N, Schaaf A, Frischmuth T

  • Jun 13, 2024

    ...will focus on diagnostics and the disease spectrum of C3 Glomerulopathy, zooming in on histological spectrum.

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