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We are unlocking novel breakthrough therapies based on a transformative manufacturing platform.

Eleva’s moss-based expression system succeeds where conventional expression systems fail, it offers unprecedented flexibility and robustness and delivers biologics with unique product profiles. Eleva has developed two proprietary therapeutic candidates into clinical and late-preclinical development stage.

CPV-104, a recombinant version of human complement Factor H, is expected to enter clinical studies in C3 Glomerulopathy (C3G) in H1 2025. The company’s recombinant alpha-galactosidase (aGAL) program to treat Fabry disease has completed a Phase 1b clinical study with promising results.

Our Pipeline

Eleva strives to bring novel therapies to patients in need. We harness the outstanding capabilities of our moss-based expression platform to create candidates no one else can and advance them into clinical development.

A unique opportunity in Complement Disorders

Factor H is one of the key complement control proteins in humans and could become a first-in-class biological therapy in several complement-related disorders. Recombinant manufacturing of Factor H, however, has proven elusive with standard cell lines. Eleva is advancing its proprietary Factor H program, CPV-104, into clinical development in C3 Glomerulopathy (C3G) to make use of this opportunity.

Complement disorders
C3 Glomerulopathy (C3G)
CPV-104 (recombinant Factor H)

Treating Fabry Disease in novel ways

In enzyme replacement therapy, used to treat genetic disorders like Fabry Disease, producing the therapeutic enzyme in moss can bring the product even closer to its human counterpart. Doing so can unlock a more efficient uptake and metabolization and thereby increase its efficacy. Initial clinical data of our proprietary recombinant alpha-galactosidase (aGAL) program underscores the possibility to deliver a best-in-class therapeutic solution to rare disease patients.

Enzyme replacement therapies
Fabry Disease
Repleva aGAL/RPV-001 (glyco-improved Fabry-ERT)
Business Model

At Eleva…

… we develop complex proteins into tomorrow’s drugs in partnership with pharmaceutical companies

… we unlock the potential of difficult compounds that have so far failed to get expressed

… we explore unusual opportunities in other promising fields

We have successfully developed enzymes and other proteins into clinical stages and continue to scout for promising compounds. This results in a plethora of opportunities. Whilst our technology platform remains the property of Eleva, new individual assets will be developed in cooperation with pharmaceutical partners. Such partnerships can be organized in various forms of cooperation and co-development, ensuring maximal flexibility for the partners.

Our Platform

Everything you expect from cell line development
– yet without the problems

Biologics are not created equal. The way we produce them alters their properties and capabilities. Choosing the best expression platform right at the beginning can turn a biological molecule into a safer and more effective therapy, unlock unique modes of action, or enable a commercially viable product in the first place. We designed our platform to avoid some of the bottlenecks and risk factors that mammalian cells have and unlock desirable product characteristics.

Our Impact

How Eleva can drive positive change in our industry

Eleva has pioneered the development of a novel, plant-based cell line, based on a highly evolved organism – Bryophyta, more commonly known as moss. Today, our solution has evolved to a pre-commercial scale with an existing production capacity of up to 2.000 liters at our and our partners’ premises.

We are contributing to a more robust manufacturing ecosystem for the industry unlocking innovative and potentially overlooked product candidates along the way. Eleva continues to scout for promising compounds beyond its current pipeline and is open for alliances to tackle partnered discovery and development projects

  • Are you looking for a partner with an asset that might be the key to a revolutionary treatment?

  • Are you struggling with a difficult protein?

  • Are you toying with a revolutionary toxin that targets just the right cells?

Talk to us if you are looking at producing
  • Antibodies

  • Biobetters

  • LSD enzymes

  • Fusion toxins

  • Virus-like particles/vaccines

  • Any complex, difficult protein

  • Efficient and effective glycosylation

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