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Together with pharmaceutical partners, we develop drug candidates to advance into the clinic

New solutions and new therapies need new avenues to reach them. The age of cells producing biological compounds has achieved a lot for human medicine, but its means are coming to an end. A step change in technology is required to unleash the potential of molecules we didn’t dream we would discover – or be able to create if we did.

ELEVA is opening this realm of unprecedented therapies with the help of an inconspicuous but incredibly efficient tool: Bryophyta, more commonly known as moss. This ancient organism holds the key to the therapies of the future. Moss plants are not only able to produce the most complex and demanding proteins; with their unique characteristics, they virtually invite easy, stable engineering and reliable output.

What we offer

How Eleva can change your world

We have harnessed the moss platform’s outstanding features to create candidates and take them to clinical stages, ready for a bright future. Eleva is not a service provider – we stand as a potential strategic partner. Be our clinical partner to develop unprecedented candidates into the therapies that will turn around countless patient’s lives.

  • Are you looking for a partner with an asset that might be the key to a revolutionary treatment?

  • Are you struggling with a difficult protein?

  • Are you toying with a revolutionary toxin that targets just the right cells?

Join us and our moss cells to unleash opportunities never imagined before, based on a platform that surpasses the capacities of all other cell lines used to date.
Talk to us if you are looking at producing
  • Antibodies

  • Biobetters

  • LSD enzymes

  • Fusion toxins

  • Virus-like particles/vaccines

  • Any complex, difficult protein

  • Efficient and effective glycosylation


Everything you expect from cell line development
– yet without the problems

Business Model

At Eleva…

… we develop complex proteins into tomorrow’s drugs in partnership with pharmaceutical companies

… we unlock the potential of difficult compounds that have so far failed to get expressed

… we explore unusual opportunities in other promising fields

We have successfully developed enzymes and other proteins into clinical stages and continue to scout for promising compounds. This results in a plethora of opportunities. Whilst our technology platform remains the property of Eleva, new individual assets will be developed in cooperation with pharmaceutical partners. Such partnerships can be organized in various forms of cooperation and co-development, ensuring maximal flexibility for the partners.

Our Pipeline

We are inviting pharmaceutical partners to take all current and future candidates to clinical success.

Therapies for complement disorders
C3 glomerulopathy (C3G)
Compleva FH/CPV-104 (natural complement regulator)
Complement disorders
Compleva MFHR1/CPV-102 (novel multi-level complement regulator)
Complement disorders
Compleva FHL/CPV-103 (natural complement regulator)
Enzyme replacement therapies
Fabry disease
Repleva AGAL/RPV-001 (glyco-improved Fabry-ERT)
Pompe disease
Repleva GAA/RPV-002 (glyco-improved Pompe-ERT)

Recent News

Henrik Luessen New CBO of Eleva

Henrik Luessen has 25+ years of leadership experience in the biopharmaceutical industry across multiple business models, therapeutic areas, and companies, including past CBO roles at Sapreme Technologies, Promethera BioSciences, and OctoPlus. At OctoPlus, Henrik was instrumental in the transition of the company from a biopharmaceutical R&D service provider to a drug development organization with two proprietary products in clinical trials. As a serial entrepreneur, Henrik co-founded several life science start-ups including Symbiotec, Nanomi, and Activaero and supported their growth leading to several trade sales. In total, Henrik has managed around 250 IP-related, transactional, and licensing deals during his career.

Björn Cochlovius New CEO of Eleva

Björn Cochlovius Ph.D. has become the new CEO of Eleva, a Freiburg-based biotech company and the developer of “Bryotechnology”, a unique and pioneering process for the moss-based production of complex therapeutic proteins. The renowned oncologist, immunologist, and molecular biologist has nearly three decades of experience in scientific, entrepreneurial, and advisory leadership roles in his field.


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