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Our webinar series offers firsthand insights from experts, scientists and clinicians about C3-Glomerulopathy (C3G) such as epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, management and coping strategies. You will hear about all the relevant aspects, including eleva’s initiatives to develop new treatment options for this ultrarare disease with high unmet medical need.

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Upcoming webinar


Kicking off the 2024 webinar series, our invited speakers will talk through complement diseases and C3G particulary.

Dr. Bjoern Cochlovius

Eleva insight

Prof. Dr. Peter Zipfel

Factor-H and complement in a nutshell

Prof. Dr. Dinesh Khullar

C3-Glomerulopathy in India

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Next webinars


Webinar TWO will focus on diagnostics and the disease spectrum of C3-Glomerulopathy, zooming in on spectrum 1.

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