Mai 18, 2020

Elevating future therapies to a new level:

Greenovation transforms into Eleva

Greenovation is launching its supreme moss-based development platform with a new business model and is transforming into a new company, Eleva. Eleva’s mission is to unlock novel therapeutics in partnership with pharmaceutical companies in order to develop therapies that will turn around countless patients’ lives.

New focus, new business model

As of today, Eleva is taking over Greenovation’s unparalleled and validated production platform with an entirely new business model. Clinical assets – developed in house or by a third party – will be taken into clinical success together with a pharmaceutical partner for each compound. These partnerships will work with Eleva’s platform but in an independent subsidiary, focusing on the respective indication.

The platform has the capacity to create therapies for diseases in areas of unmet need. Together with its partners, Eleva is dedicated to finding the keys to unlock medical realms. Eleva has already successfully developed early candidates into clinical stages. The rebranding is a consequence of a new focus: after years of developing the technical aspects of the moss-based production platform to perfection, the company is now making its supreme qualities available for novel therapies.

About Eleva

Based in Freiburg, Germany, Eleva develops novel biological therapies with its pharmaceutical partners. The privately-held company leverages its unique moss-based production platform to produce supreme biologics like antibodies, replacement enzymes, or fusion toxins. Eleva has successfully developed drug candidates into clinical phases.

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