Everything you expect from cell line development
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Wherever glycosylation is a problem, moss is your solution. Moss has no core α-1,6 fucose to begin with. Any other glycans can be modified to the desired effect, be it by knocking certain genes out or inserting the necessary transferases. No allergens, more power. We are experts in moss glycodesign, “humanizing” the molecules’ glycostructure. We have demonstrated excellent organ uptake, even in clinical studies. Our “glyco platform” is just what you were hoping for.


Moss is haploid by nature and boasts its very own pair of DNA scissors. Engineering its genome is easy. Make any changes you like, wherever you need them: change one nucleotide or a thousand, one site or many. We don’t even need markers to check the correct modifications, just PCR. The moss production system is based on an intact organism, not artificial cell cultures. This guarantees exceptionally reliable and stable modifications.


The lack of animal pathogens means antibiotics are not necessary. Not only does this ensure constant supply with no threat of contamination. It also eliminates the time and cost-consuming process of removing pathogens in the first place, and ticks another box for regulatory approval.


Moss can produce any desired toxin or toxin fusion protein, be it by natural resistance or by means of a genetically engineered, resistant platform. Moss cells hardly leak any toxins into the cytosol, but secrete them – making harvesting easy. Impossible in any other cells!

Talk to us if you are looking at producing

LSD enzymes
Fusion toxins
Virus-like particles/vaccines
Any complex, difficult protein
Efficient and effective glycosylation

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